Some words of wisdom from Mary Alice Monroe

This weekend saw the 15th Annual South Carolina Book Festival hit town in Columbia, SC. Lots of folks attended – the Festival sees about 6000 people in any given year – and we had some fantastic authors come through. Cokie & Steve Roberts, Mary Alice Monroe, Karen White, C.J. Box, Nicole Seitz, Roy Blount, Jr., Caroline B. Cooney, Mario Acevedo, Matt Matthews (winner of the 2011 S.C. First Novel Prize), as well as these lovely ladies:

That’s Kalayna Price on the left, Faith Hunter on the right, and yours truly, looking happier than a pig in poo, in the middle. Kalayna is the author of the The Haven series and Alex Craft series – GRAVE DANCE (Alex Craft #2) is due out on July 5. (Stay tuned for news on book signings.) Faith has written mainstream thrillers as Gwen Hunter and the Jane Yellowrock and Rogue Mage series as Faith Hunter. Both of these ladies are amazingly talented, super sweet, and incredibly tolerant of my fangirling. (Published authors gobsmack me, all right? Just let me geek out over this.)

Faith also told me about an awesome online writing community called Magical Words, where there’s peer editing, advice on query letters, etc. Check it out.

The big news, though? I met New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe (!) and the first words out of her mouth to me were, “you really look like that girl in the Twilight movies.” Thanks, Mary Alice. Why yes, yes I do hear that quite often. ::headdesk::

Now that my “book party” is over – as Blur referred to it – and I’ve spent too much money on books but gotten them signed, damn it, and on awesome tshirts from Literary Threads, I’ve finally gotten my second draft of FRAMED printed out, and I’m about to hunker down with my trusty blue ballpoint. This should be it for the manuscript, the last round of revisions before I start to draft those query letters than frighten me so much. Exciting!

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