Tuesday plugs (8/15 edition) [corrected]

Okay. I’m really tired. Some friends of mine just got finished having a baby on the other side of town, and I’ve been dog-sitting and chinchilla-sitting and getting not even close to enough sleep. So here goes:

THE YEAR’S BEST DARK FANTASY AND HORROR, 2011, edited by Paula Guran. This compilation features the fantastic Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, Joe Lansdale, and George R. R. Martin.
EDITED: Sorry, guys. This book doesn’t come out until August 30. Amazon lied to me. Expect to see the recommendation again. August 30 is going to be a good one.

THE EDINBURGH DEAD, Brian Ruckley. Sounds like steampunk noir. And that sounds like fun.

THE OMEN MACHINE, Terry Goodkind. For the epic fantasy fans.

A few more official recommendations:
BASILISK, Rob Thurman
GHOST STORY, Jim Butcher
KILL THE DEAD, Richard Kadrey
CALEB’S CROSSING, Geraldine Brooks (historical fiction)
SOUTHERN GODS, John Hornor Jacobs (which I haven’t read yet, but I really, really want to)

You’re welcome. Now I’m going to go watch Dr. Who until I pass out from exhaustion.

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