Tuesday plugs (9/6 edition)

Hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day weekend. I spent mine celebrating the release of Sam Adams Octoberfest (responsibly) and cooing over a friend’s newborn… and subjecting her to all manner of geekery, including Munchkin Cthulhu and Star Wars. This kid seriously doesn’t have a chance.

But Tuesday approaches – onward!

BIG shout-out to Hugo Award nominated author Seanan McGuire (whom you may recognize as Mira Grant, author of FEED and DEADLINE) whose ONE SALT SEA is coming out tomorrow, fifth in her October Daye series. As an author who does not have a strict-on-sale date for her books (yet), she was publicly distressed when she heard that the book was already floating around out there in the bookstore ether before it had even technically been published. In a brief moment of vanity, I sent her the link to my post on publication dates, and she was kind enough to link it on her blog today! Thanks!

THOSE ACROSS THE RIVER, by Christopher Buehlman, is also out tomorrow. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this ever since Melissa Marr pimped it on Goodreads, and I managed to get an Advanced Reader’s Copy of it… on Friday. So, needless to say, I haven’t read it yet, but I am super excited. Sounds like a bit of a gothic horror trip, and I’m totally into that.

Cherie Priest’s HELLBENT is also out tomorrow, the second in her vampire thief series, Cheshire Red Reports (of which BLOODSHOT is the first). You might recognize Cherie Priest from such things as BONESHAKER (and CLEMENTINE and DREADNOUGHT), full of steampunky goodness, and FOUR AND TWENTY BLACKBIRDS, a southern Gothic tale. Look for it: fourth in the BONESHAKER series, GANYMEDE, is out later this month. Don’t worry; I’ll remind you.

C. E. Murphy also has one out – WAYFINDER, second in the Worldwalker Duology. She’s most widely known for her Walker Papers series, which has the dubious honor of being the first urban fantasy book I ever read, unless you are for some strange reason counting Neil Gaiman.

As far as anthologies – and I love some short story anthologies – GHOSTS BY GASLIGHT: TALES OF STEAMPUNK AND SUPERNATURAL SUSPENSE, edited by Jack Dann and Nick Gevers is out. It includes stories from Peter Beagle, Sean Williams, and Garth Nix.

Many of these people also have Twitter feeds:

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