And now: a coherent post about MidSouthCon

Last weekend, I went to Memphis! Which, for the record, is a really balls-long drive from the homebase. I didn’t really do many of the traditional Memphis Things–we hit Beale Street for long enough to grab lunch (BBQ=noms) and get rained on for a while. We drove past Graceland, and I think there’s a picture somewhere on my phone. With all the coffee and the beer I had at lunch, everything was really just a journey between bathrooms.

But then! The con. Let me start off by saying I have never been to a more rockin’ con than this one, nor one quite as sexually-harrassy. Women! At SF/F/comics conventions! What wondrous strange creatures we be! New rule, bros: if what you’re about to say to me (or any woman) would get you slapped by your mama, keep your damn mouth shut. And to the purveyors of fine, free adult beverages at MSC: learn when to cut someone off. Free beer is great! For normal people who know that 14 is probably too many, but unfortunately, some people can’t quite make that decision on their own. So stop serving them before they throw up on my Chucks or into the Pepsi cooler right next to my head. Judging by what went down Friday night, I feared for the integrity of the hotel structure on Saturday night–but apparently all the real asswads got thrown out before they could do permanent damage.

All this aside, I love cons, you guys. Once you separate the wheat from the chaff, you meet some of the most amazing people you might not otherwise get to run into. Hell, I’ve even got a regular con crowd I run with that I very rarely see outside of the circuit (signings, on occasion), who primarily consist of this guy and also this dude. I met him, her, him, the high priestess of steampunk, and almost broke this guy‘s hand (he’s exaggerating, but wrote me a nice note when he signed my book). And when does this happen in real life?

The biggest news of the weekend is that I got to pitch my novel to a real, live editor! During dinner! In front of four other people! Three of whom are published authors! I didn’t puke on her shoes, and she didn’t call the cops, so I think it went well.

Next up: ConCarolinas, Charlotte, NC, May 31-June 2. Especially if you’re a writer, you should definitely check this one out. It’s got a really low creep factor, and despite being a little on the small side, pulls some really big names (like USA Today Bestselling Kalayna Price and New York Times Bestselling Carrie Ryan). Oh yeah, and FREAKING TIMOTHY ZAHN is this year’s literary guest of honor, so come on, people. It’s like $40 for the whole weekend, and so ridiculously worth it.

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1 Response to And now: a coherent post about MidSouthCon

  1. Michael Kingsley says:

    I now live in Minneapolis, but MidSouthCon is a convention for which I have a stronger emotional connection than the two local cons I now volunteer for. Regarding the inappropriate behavior towards you, that sort of thing needs to be reported to the Security department immediately! I think the MSC security does work hard to ensure a safe con experience for con-goers, but if people can self-regulate themselves to behave appropriately, then let Security apply the appropriate negative reinforcement techniques for behavior modification.

    I entered the consuite only sparingly that weekend, and can’t realy comment on how well the staff performed in cutting people off. I do remember that only a few years ago, the Olive Branch police department needed to be called, because a registrant was cut off by a consuite volunteer, and responded by throwing a punch at said volunteer. That is the sort of behavior that makes me think that MidSouthCon should convert to a “dry” consuite, but I know that opinion would be very unpopular.

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