THE BIG BAD: An Anthology of Evil (updated)



“Everybody loves bad guys, and these are some of the baddest of them all. Forget the rules. There aren’t any heroes. No one is going to save you from the wickedness in the darkness. Monster hunters can easily become the hunted. Twisted perverts can find themselves on the receiving end of their own deviant desires. No matter how big and bad someone or something may be, there is always something bigger and badder just waiting. Even the classics like a dragon, werewolf, or supernatural being can fall victim to something even more evil. Take a peek, if you dare, inside the malevolent world of super-villains, monsters, demons and just plain evil folk. Be careful, what you see there might be disturbingly familiar …”

This is up for order now on Barnes & Noble and Amazon, and for $2.99 on Nook and Kindle. It’s also on Goodreads, which is a huge f’ing deal to me. There may be some copies at ConCarolinas in Charlotte this weekend, so keep your fingers crossed. A bunch of the contributing authors (including yours truly) and at least one of the editors will be at the con this weekend. Come out and play!

Local folks, keep your eyes peeled on updates about a signing (!).

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