So writing a new blog post after a long hiatus (6 months? EGAD) is a bit like running into an ex in a public place, and damn but they look just as good as they did when you broke up but small talk is awkward and you find yourself suddenly saying, “yeah, it is good to see you, I’ve missed you, too…”

The last six months have been nuts for me. I sprained my shoulder in October in a hilariously kind-of-badass way, and by the time it was healed, it was Christmas, and I work in retail, and… OH YEAH.

Blur and I got a puppy. And then we sort of got another one.

And also I sold some short stories. Well, more like story, story, puppy, puppy, story–eh. It doesn’t matter.

WHAT MATTERS, gentle readers, is that at least one of them signed-contract official. There’s no date yet, but hopefully the anthology will be out by the end of the year. GUNS AND ROMANCE is coming from Dark Continents Press and will be filled with enough awesome to blow your freakin’ mind.

My story, “Into the Wilderness,” is about two IDF soldiers, the only survivors of a roadside bomb, who hide in a cave, waiting for rescue. They’ve never admitted their attraction before, but out there, in the mountains just south of the Lebanese border, they realize they don’t want to die without acknowledging it.

I’ve also sold some fantasy and erotica, and have generally been insanely busy the past few months.


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